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A resident showing the call cards that were stuffed inside his letterbox at a housing area in Kuantan. PIC BY MUHD ASYRAF SAWAL

RESIDENTS at several housing areas in Kuantan are irked by money-lending syndicates that stuff pamphlets and call cards into their letterboxes.

The syndicates also hire workers to put up posters and stickers on electric poles in the vicinity, which are an eyesore.

Housewife C. Menaga said most of the individuals who distributed the call cards were foreigners and were not aware that they were committing an offence.

“One of them told my son that he was paid to distribute the call cards
and pamphlets and was merely doing his job.

“It has become a hassle because we have to empty the letterbox almost daily.

“Recently, my neighbour complained that several banners, posters and stickers were hung on an electric pole outside her house. Some friends joked that it was as if she was promoting the money-lending business,” she said.

The 45-year-old said a team from the Kuantan Municipal Council had been taking down the posters, but workers from the syndicates would return with new ones the next day.

“Every corner of the neighbourhood has posters, bunting and stickers to promote the money-lending business. I hope there will be a long-term solution to this issue,” she said.


A Kuantan Municipal Council spokesman said the council had been teaming up with police to remove the advertisements.

He said several teams from MPK would patrol the housing and town areas to remove such advertisements.

“We noticed that several streets and commercial buildings have become a favourite spot for the syndicates.

“Despite our efforts to rid the areas of illegal advertisements, the syndicates are not making things easy.”

A police spokesman said the department had compiled the phone numbers displayed on the advertisements and handed them over to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to investigate and terminate their services.

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