The cracks in homes in Taman Desa Aman in Ipoh are believed to be caused by digging works for the construction of a sewer hole. PIC BY RAZIF ROSLI

MORE than 20 families in Taman Desa Aman in Pengkalan Pegoh in Ipoh are living in fear as cracks have appeared in their homes.

They believe these were caused by digging works for the construction of a sewer hole, as part of the Regional Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewer Network project.

Mohammad Shah Malek, 31, said the residents met Ipoh City Council (MBI) representatives and the contractors to discuss the problem.

“We are worried about the safety of our children, especially during this rainy season. The problem has been going on since 2016, and the cracks are getting worse.” he said, adding that action should be taken to avoid untoward incidents.

Mohd Hazrul Mohd Noor Kamal, 37, said the contractors had fixed the cracks before, but the problem persisted.

“The problem does not involve one or two houses, but 21. We want the contractors to tell us in black in white. They must give a letter that says they will fix our homes after the project is completed,” he said.

The RM2 billion project will benefit residents in Kinta district in three packages, which include a sewer pipe network in Ipoh and construction of a sewage treatment plan for areas around Papan.

When completed in 2021, the 160km sewerage pipe network is expected to better manage sewage from domestic premises, industry and commercial sectors.


State Education, Technology, Science and Environment Committee chairman Dr Abdul Aziz Bari said he would ask MBI to submit a full report to find solutions for residents.

“I will meet MBI representatives and contractors who are responsible for the matter, so that we will get solutions immediately. We want to listen to their explanations,” he said.

However, attempts to contact MBI have proven futile.

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