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Police manning a roadblock in Persiaran Brash, Ipoh. Pic courtesy of Police

A PUBLIC park should be a perfect place for families to rest and have fun, but this is not the case at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreation Park, or better known as Padang Polo, in Ipoh.

This is because Mat Rempit often gather there to take part in illegal racing, even in day time. Their antics are unbecoming and posing a big nuisance to park-goers and residents nearby. They say the noise is unbearable.

Mohd Zakaria Isa, 65, said he used to go to the park with his grandchildren every day, but due to the Mat Rempit menace, he only visit it once a week.

“The daredevil stunts performed by these brazen youths are not a good example to children. They may emulate what the Mat Rempit do.

“The public park is meant for families to spend their leisure time there, but not for Mat Rempit to take part in illegal racing.

We fear for our safety. The local council should take action against the Mat Rempit.”

Another visitor, Rahimah Shuib, 44, said the Mat Rempit were ignorant and caused traffic congestion in the park with their antics.

“They ruin the beautiful landscape of the park and the noise from their motorcycles is too loud. Neighbours who have babies complain about it.

“The authorities often conduct traffic operations to round up the Mat Rempit. But once the operations ended, the youths will be back. I think policemen should patrol the park to deter the Mat Rempit menace.”

ACTIONLINE: An Ipoh City Council spokes-man said they received numerous complaints on the Mat Rempit menace from residents and that action was being taken by traffic police.

The spokesman said police recently set up roadblocks in Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Lorong Tun Dr Ismaila and Persiaran Brash.

“A total of 67 summonses were issued for various offences. Five individuals were arrested, including a 15-year-old teenager, who attacked the policemen when he was apprehended.”

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