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Vehicles parked illegally near the entrance to the Teluk Cempedak beach in Kuantan.

BEACHGOERS and visitors to Teluk Cempedak beach in Kuantan are upset with motorists who park their vehicles haphazardly near the picnic spot.

They claim that motorists park their vehicles by the narrow roadside, near several fast-food outlets, leading to the beach, making it dangerous for visitors , especially children and the elderly.

Joana Sim,40, said despite signs put up by the local authorities, motorists continued to park their vehicles illegally, and some even blocked the entrance to the fast-food drive-in.

She added that since there were five fast-food outlets in the area, along with other eateries, people thronged the beach and the situation worsened during the weekends and public holidays.

“There is a parking space nearby, but motorists park near the beach to avoid paying. Some are too lazy to walk to the parking area, so they park illegally.

“Sometimes, motorists park near the entrance of the fast-food drive-in counters, rendering the lanes too narrow for vehicles to pass through. Some motorists even park in the fast-food parking lot meant for customers to wait and collect their orders.”

Sim said the Kuantan Municipal Council should step up patrols and enforcement in the area.

ACTIONLINE: Kuantan Municipal Council public relations officer Izad Zainal Muhammad Safian said its enforcement team conducted patrols in the beach area.

“We have intensified enforcement and those who commit parking offences will be issued compound notices.

“Our checks showed that two areas have been allocated for public parking in the area.”

He said vehicles parked haphazardly would be clamped.

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